About Nadine Fialkow

Ever since she was a child, Nadine loved to walk down city streets, marvel at Manhattan brownstones, and imagine what laid behind each window. Now, Nadine is honored to have the opportunities to make her imaginations a reality. Since Nadine moved to Florida with her husband in 1988, the New York City skyscrapers have since given way to Miami beaches, and she has become adept at both urban and suburban designs. In addition, Nadine has travelled the world, from Iceland to Italy, Japan and beyond, ensuring her knowledge of design trends is not solely local. Nadine wears her influences on her sleeve, blending her tastes and experiences to create her own style.

Nadine possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University, a law degree from Fordham University, and then she obtained her ASID certification.  The industry knowledge and attention to detail gained as a construction attorney allows Nadine to offer her clients services from a unique perspective. In addition to her independent design firm Nadine has a decades-long partnership with Kenner Homes, a luxury home builder in South Florida, granting her access to the frontlines of home-building.

Nadine’s specialty is in private residences, where she brings a fresh, sophisticated and elegant aesthetic to her client’s homes—modern but soft, attractive and warm. Nadine believes different rooms should have different vibes to work with each client’s particular lifestyle, while maintaining the overall continuity of the design elements throughout the home. Maybe serenity in the bedroom and perhaps controlled chaos in the kitchen.

Nadine aims to know what her clients want before they do—but, if they do know what they want, she calls that a bonus! Nadine always puts her heart and soul into bringing her clients’ dreams to life as a representation of who they are and how they live, meshing function with beauty at every juncture.

Nadine lives in Miami with her husband, Jonathan, though they spend much time in New York City where their three children and their families live.